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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Had a Good Day

Over the course of a week or so, it went from being in the mid to high 60's to 95+ almost every day. My tomatoes love it, but I have been wilting. So today we decided to go to the Oregon Coast to cool off, and it was quite pleasant.

At a little past ten it was still cloudy in the area of coast we were at (cleared up beautifully later on), but the haunting beauty of the Pacific when it's dark and gloomy is one of my favorite things. This area here was right next to a cacophony of sea lions laying on rocks and leaping through the water. Yes, leaping. There were some very talented leapers out there in the ocean. We then walked along some trails while I cursed people that liter, and went a little ways to an Oregon State owned park-slash-garden. I think it used to be a private residence many years ago, but now it's tended by the state. It was only $5 for everyone, and absolutely worth the price.

Afterwards, I picked up a giant bag of oysters that contained giant oysters. Most are fine for sucking and eating raw, but the monster pictured below was the most massive oyster I personally have ever seen. Those guys are gonna get smoked and stored in oil, and if some BBQ websites I frequent are correct they should keep for a bit.

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