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Monday, March 2, 2009


  • Rustic cheddar: a hard pressed cheese innoculated with mesophillic starter--in most cases cultured buttermilk--that is cheddared, pressed, dried, and waxed.
  • Cheddaring: A process during cheesemaking when blocks of curds are piled on top of each other to expel moisture.
  • Rustic soft: a rustic cheddar that has either a very high liquid or fat content, making the cheese soft similar to cream cheese or chevre.
  • Rustic medium: a rustic cheddar that has less moisture or fat and usually pressed at higher weights, resulting in a cheese with a similar consistency and texture to that of American cheddar or colby.
  • Rustic hard: a rustic cheddar that has very little moisture or fat, and is hard and dry similar to Parmesan.
  • Butter milk: specifically cultured buttermilk, not milk with vinegar added
  • CaCl: Calcium chloride, used to make curds less fragile and improve texture

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