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Monday, April 12, 2010

Newcastle clone and IPA racked, in secondary fermenters

I got a chance to taste both of them. The Newcastle clone, which we have decided to call Two-Coo Castle (my wife is working on the label, it's gonna be epic), is a little bit thinner than the real thing and not as caramelly, but very good. It's going to be ready in about a week or two, depending on how quick it clears up. With just a few tweaks to the recipe, I think it will be a decent stand in for the real thing.

The IPA on the other hand, is fecking excellent. It could use a bit more bitterness, but the three hop combo is right on. It has a little more to go fermentation-wise, but even if it doesn't drop in gravity any more it will make an outstanding beer. I think the only change I'm going to make is instead of having three hop additions, just use two, and add the middle addition to the beginning. Due to it's higher gravity it will take longer to clear up, but when it's done in about three weeks I think I'm gonna have a kickass beer on tap.

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