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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leftover Lobster Sandwich

As to not upset the purists I won't call it a Lobster Roll (and it isn't, it's a sandwich), but the idea is similar. I decided to make this tonight for dinner to solve two problems: first, what to do with some leftover lettuce, buns, onion, and other ingredients; secondly, what to do with a handful of small, frozen, okay lobster tails. So, why not give'em a good boil, and serve on a bun!

To start, cook the tails, remove them from their shells (I used poultry shears), and take out the vein like a shrimp. Cut them into large chunks, cool, and set aside. For these tiny tails, to release the meat I simply used shears and cut the sides and end of the tail off, and pulled it out.

Unlike many other traditional lobster/bread combos, this does contain mayo. For purists this is a big no-no, but considering the lobster wasn't that amazing to begin with I didn't feel to bad. And since I only had a few of these tiny tails, I opted for a bit of 'filler' as well.

To finish, mix the lobster with a little finely diced onion, diced cornichons, mayonnaise or aioli, and capers. Spoon on to the buns, add lettuce and tomato if desired, and serve with your favorite side dishes (in this case it was left over potatoes).

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