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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Genetically Modified Flowers That Can Smell Like Bacon

If you haven't seen this story floating around...

Ever wanted a rose that smelled like bananas? Maybe a petunia that reeked of root beer? Researchers at the University of Florida Gainesville have isolated 13 genes in flowers that key for the blossom’s fragrance...

The genetic modification of flowers for scent was detailed in Plant Journal as well as Phytochemistry, and could herald a new era of designer blossoms. Imagine going to a florist and asking for roses that smelled like bacon.


Progress is certainly an interesting beast--is the solution to cultivated flowers losing their smell from aggressive hybridization altering their genetic code? Or is it perhaps re-educating consumers on what to expect when they purchase something (i.e. good looking flowers may not smell as good, nice smelling may not be as pretty)? The human is an interesting animal, and out drive to find perfection is both noble and frightening.

With that said, the only thing I really want smelling like bacon is a beautiful, beautiful pork belly.


This coming from the guy that owns his very own Bacon Wallet.

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