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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, we have been going through some difficulties with the oven here, and while they are not over, I can at least do some baking again. Cheese making is on a little hiatus since it is still a bit hot here and I'm mulling over upgrades to the press and other things. Not to fear though, more cheese is to come.

The pic here is a loaf oa zuccini bread fresh out of the oven with dried cherries, blueberries, and strawberries. The recipe is straight out of Betty Crocker, and THERE SHALL BE NO SNEERING that I use the Betty--the recpies are well tested and work great. With the amount of zuccini this one plant put out, I could probably bake a dozen loaves easily, I just don't know who I would give them to.

Anyway, more to come as always. Hopefully I can get pics of the pizzas I am planning this weekend. I think I have gotten the process down for thin crust, delicious 8" pizzas down. The only real 'trick' I've found is a very hot oven, don't over top them, and a great dough. I hope to use up a ton of the basil that grew like nuts in the past month, along with the last of the tomatoes from the garden.

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  1. I happily volunteer to receive your surplus zucchini bread.
    You can always freeze it too. I've successfully frozen quick breads for up to 3 months and they warm up great in a low-heat oven.


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