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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well that was fast

Most other sodas I've made have taken a couple days to get fizzy. This one happened over night, and I've already enjoyed two twelve ounce bottles. I think the recipe needs a tad bit more lemon though, so I'm going to bump it up to the juice of four lemons. Also, I didn't end up using champagne yeast (since I didn't have any on hand), I used half a packet of Safbrew S-33, which is a good solid ale yeast. It worked very well, and barely added any flavor of it's own.

When you make home made soda, there will be a small layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle. This is from the very small amount of fermentation that goes on to produce the carbon dioxide which forms the bubbles. Some people like the flavor of it, but I am not a huge fan. This isn't an issue though, just leave the last quarter inch or eighth of an inch in the bottle, and pour carefully. But with a soda like this, you may enjoy the earthy nuttiness that the sediment has.

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