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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Raw milk cheese, #22

This loaf of cheese was made from two gallons of raw milk and one gallon of 2% Lochmead milk. It was inoculated with two cups of cultured buttermilk, which I don't think yielded enough initial acid and cultures. It currently tastes quite mild, with a creamy texture that is going to improve with age. There are some whey holes in the cheese, but they aren't distracting. I don't taste any bitterness at this point, and I think a long, slow, cool aging with bring out some good flavors.

The initial smell of the cheese when I cut it open was slightly grassy, in a good way. I have noticed that raw milk tends to have a bit funkier smell, but I think the combination of raw and store bought has created a nice compromise. This is one I'm quite excited to taste in another six months.

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