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Friday, March 13, 2009

Tips from other photographers?

I'm trying to make the photos I take up a notch. I only have a cheap ($100 on amazon) Powershot A590 with what I think is a faux-macro setting, but it's been easy and fun to use. In your experience, what are some no-nonsense ways of improving close up shots? I am setting up a cardboard box for use as a 'macro box' similar to this one, but are there other tips and tricks? Any settings on a little point and shoot that are better than others for photographing small objects?

I think likely my biggest issue is probably lighting. I don't have any decent lights, so I suspect I'll need to spend a few dollars on that. (Oh, and I'm still looking for the tripod, I think it got misplaced in the last move.)


  1. You might want to try

  2. Yeah, lighting is going to be your main obstacle, especially with something as light and shiny as cheese. If your camera has a built-in flash, see if you can get some kind of diffuser or rig up something to create indirect flash (I've seen it done with milky-clear plastic, mirrors, etc). Make sure you have a good contrasting color background for the cheese - something black or other dark colors.


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