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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The raw milk loaves taste great already

On a whim I cut into loaf #13, and the texture and flavor are already quite good. It is has great closed but creamy texture, like a creamier texture than gouda, but not as creamy as an actual soft cheese. Hard to describe. It is already developing a nice amount of acid and I hope it doesn't get too lactic. In wine making there are strategies that you can use to break down certain acids into to less acidic compounds (malic acid), and it makes me wonder if there aren't ways to naturally do this as a loaf ages as well.

The interior of the loaf is a little checked, but not nearly as much as #6. It is also noticeably sharper than #6 as well. All in all, this is a fantastic tasting cheese, and also one of the easiest I've tried.

I'm also working on making the photos better. A commenter left the link to, and it has been a real inspiration. Thank you!

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