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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Check out the Washington Cheese Guild

I forsee wonderful things to come from this website. They are still under construction, but keep on eye on it. From the website:
The Washington Cheese Guild is an association of cheesemakers and cheese enthusiasts committed to encouraging each other, the greater Washington cheesemaking community, and the public in all things cheese.

The Washington Cheese Guild is a useful resource for many types of people in the cheese world, from professional large-scale cooperatives, to hobbyists. Membership is not restricted to only commercial producers or only people in Washington State. We celebrate and encourage sustainable, small-scale agriculture, urban farmers, and self-determined production of milk and dairy products in homesteads worldwide.

To accomplish its goals, the Washington Cheese Guild undertakes various activities, including
For its members
* Equipment sharing
* Library of dairy science and cheesemaking
* Social gatherings
* Cheese competitions and ratings
* Guest speakers
* Seminars, classes, and other education opportunities
* Bulk purchases of supplies
Good luck to everyone involved!

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