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Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh Hell Yeah

This is what I like to call a Flaming Red Jar of Win--aka home made kimchi. It is finally done, and it is truly amazing that you can start out with a huge head of cabbage, and end up with a tiny jar (well, not really tiny) of spicy hot awesomeness. Tart, complex flavor (but no sweetness at all), a bit smokey, and lovely, lovely spiciness.

The color of the cabbage suffered a bit, probably because I kept opening up the container I was fermenting it in to try it out. Oxygen tends to make things look drag. But stuffed into an old pasta sauce jar surrounded by the bright red brine, I think it looks pretty great.


  1. omg. best title ever. followed by best first sentence of a blog post. EVERRRR.

    that is all.


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