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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And what did *you* have for lunch?

A post at reminded me that even though I'm an adult, it's still okay to enjoy a little instant ramen. Apparently there are some people that really, really love the stuff. Me, I think it is can be a great blank slate for a cheap lunch that isn't that bad for you (not great, but better than fast food).

So for lunch I made a beef broth with soy sauce and thai red chile sauce. Brought to a boil and cracked an egg in to soft boil. Wait two minutes and add the noodles, wait one minute add corn, wait one more minute and add shrimp. Boil one more minute, and add to a bowl that already has kimchi and basil. Arrange so it looks nice, and dig in!

Takes five minutes, and costs less than $2.00.

Now, tell me what you had for lunch :D


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  2. I do in fact have a question--can I haz cheezburger? :)


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