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Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I haven't blogged about making cheese for awhile...

And I probably won't for awhile as well :D I feel comfortable with making a decent tasting cheese, so when I do make some I'll document everything, but it's just likely going to be a few times a year, not every day like last year. Maybe I was a little too optimistic in my domain name choice when I started...

Anyway, I am going to continue blogging about food, travel, and photography. Hope you don't mind. I'm also gonna keep blogging about gardening, since I think it is fascinating, and I find a lot of people like enjoy cheese making also enjoy other difficult, hard pursuits ;) I am proud of the 'Pickett Press' and some of the discoveries I've made--better bagels, cheese flavor, etc. And I hope to continue making these kind of simple, but sometimes profound discoveries.

So, my projects for the coming weeks include:

  • Building a smoker out of wine barrels
  • Starting about a bajillion veggies from seed
  • Smoking a ham 'Prague Style' on my birthday (March 19th baby, 32 here I come!!)
  • Improving and fixing (tell your friends!!!)
  • Diagnosing some issues with our new stream leading to the big pond

I'm most excited about building this new smoker, I've seen some pics of a few others that have built them out of wine barrels and they look amazing. Only trick is not to set them on fire--which considering that is how my last smoker, made of metal, ended up trashed I may be in trouble.

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