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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Large cheese update

The last cheese I made was a massive ten gallon batch in the Pickett Press, and one thing I've learned is it takes longer with bigger batches to mature consistently (or at least it has in this case). I divided some of the batch into wedges to see how it was progressing. Taste wise, it is nutty, a bit sharp, and a tad sour. No bitter notes (thank god), but it is a big, full flavored cheese. It's almost like eating a vintage Dublin cheddar while smelling some Maytag blue in the background. I like it, the better half doesn't :)

Probably the most fascinating thing is the texture though. In this pic you can *clearly* see the difference in textures--the area near the rind is soft, supple, and creamy on the tongue. The part near the middle (bottom right hand of the photo) is still a bit crumbly. This is the third time I've checked to the core of the batch, and the texture has been improving every time.

I think this batch has at least a month, perhaps two before it is ripe. This would put it at ~4 months aging (or is it 5 months...), which feels appropriate. Can't wait to make the next batch!!

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