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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Raw Loaves

I have two loaves of raw, unwaxed cheeses aging. This is an experiment to see how a rind develops. I haven't tried this before since the loaves were not very big, but with a three gallon loaf I think that even if the edges get quite dry things will be okay. More pics are coming to this entry so you can see all the great color and detail.

Some of the colors of the cutting board and background have been tweaked a bit, but the yellow orange of the cheese is absolutely true to life. And this is with zero coloring added, it just is naturally that orange, and it looks really, really good. This is something you just can't do with homogenized and pasteurized milk, get that great cheese color without additives.

The smell of these two loaves are incredible, a big wonderful cheddary aroma that is just perfect. I'm also stoked that there aren't any cracks or checks anywhere on either of the surfaces, though the first one there has shrunk quite a bit compared to #2.

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