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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheese Cellar

Here are some pictures of the cellar I built a week or so ago. The thing on the side of the wall is a wireless temperature/humidity monitor, so I don't have to open it up to check out the environment. It's been raining pretty steadily since it went in the ground, and no water has made it in. Unfortunately I won't know if it is a success or not for another couple months, but I do have my blue cheeses stored out there.

Two upgrades that I'm planning are to add an air out take, so I can better control temperature and humidity, and perhaps a few run-off holes in the bottom in case of puddling. I need to devise a better system for stacking, since I don't want things piled on top of each other, and I also don't want to get on my hands and knees in the mud to get things out.


  1. You need a bucket version of those tapas or cake stands so you can just lift out a bunch of nicely stacked cheeses!

  2. When you showed me this in person I could barely hold back my 'cheesy grin.' Your slow-food vision may take some time but I think cheese is a pleasure worth nourishing.

  3. After talking to some curdheads I may need to take steps to seal it a bit better to prevent insects gettin' in. I want to make sure it's slow food for us mammals and not for critters :D

    DasFreak, I don't know exactly what kind of stands you're talking about. Do you have a link?


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