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Friday, March 20, 2009

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

One of the perennial problems posed by many cheeses is their decided lack of ability to melt properly. I suspect this is a protein to fat ratio problem--mozzarella is made with really low fat milk, high moisture, and lots of protein and melts very well. Many other cheeses, including many cheddars end up separating into a mat of hardened cheese product and grease. So, I was a little curious how well some of these experiments would hold up in a simple, everyday situation: the ol' Grilled Chee'.

For this experiment I used the best tasting cheese so far (and also one of the easiest to make), #6. This was a cheese made with one gallon of 2% milk and two cups of 1% buttermilk, and it has a fantastic flavor and texture. I took a small block, sliced it up, and through it on the griddle with some whole wheat bread and neutral flavored oil. A few minutes later it was flipped and left to continue browning.

The results were spectacular. There was no separation, the cheese was pleasantly gooey, and the flavor was just right (though it could certainly age longer to gain more complexity).


  1. That looks sooo yummy! Care to drive to my house and make me one? :) I'm pregnant and now I'm so craving this!


  3. I think this recipe may be the one--i have a few ways to make this easier I think.


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