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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Corned Beef was Excellent

Fork tender, not very salty at all, and very, very rich. Home made corned beef is so mind-blowingly better than store bought it's astounding.

This particular dish was corned beef, raw milk cheddar (#13), butter lettuce, and avocado. It's the sort of combination that makes you lick your plate. The real trick to this, like so many other recipes, is to take it really, really slow. The cure takes a week or so to work thoroughly, and cooking takes about eight hours at 220F. The result though is quite delicious :)


  1. Are we going to be treated to your curing process?

    Do you run another "do everything yourself" food blog that I don't know about?

  2. Kinda, yes. It's mostly geared towards long running food experiments, like fermenting cheese and curing other types of food. And while I may post other stuff, the over arching goal is 'all original content'. I don't want a blog of aggregated stuff, I think there are many that do that already quite well.

  3. Oh, and yes, I'm in the process of creating more complete tutorials, that just takes a bit more time.

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