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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cheddar #8, and it tastes as good as it looks

This two gallon loaf has a mild, almost nutty flavor with very little acidity. It was the first loaf I washed the curd, and the lack of acid (though there is still some) is marked. Even more than #6 this tastes like havarti, and would take additional flavors like dill or peppers very well I think. Here is the earlier post with pictures of the make, pressing, and recipe. So far I think it is a winner in terms of flavor and texture, though the openness of the curd would certainly be considered a defect.

It has been aged 15 days so far, and it could certainly age longer. Something like this recipe will likely become 'the standard', since it is easy, relies on simple ingredients, has a milk flavor that I think will be very blendable, and is quite attractive.

The basic recipe for this loaf was:

  • 1 gallon skim, pastuerized and homogenized
  • 1 gallon 2%, pastuerized and homogenized
  • 2 cup cultured buttermilk
  • 1 tablet of rennet
  • 10 drops calcium chloride
  • Mortons kosher salt

I suspect the open interior is due primarily to trapped whey, which seems to happen in 2% milk but not so much in any other. The skim, 1%, whole, and raw milks have had quite different interiors than this.

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