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Monday, March 9, 2009

And how did the Ricotta I made yesterday turn out?

Two words--total effing disaster. And since effing isn't a real word, it's still true. Three steps forward, two back, rinse and repeat.

On a positive note, i just measure the amount of cream on one of the gallons of raw milk here. Two words--three effing inches of cream on the top. Okay, that wasn't event close to two words, so I'll just stop doing that.


  1. So what went wrong with the ricotta? Why was it a disaster? How did you make it? I'd like to hear more about the experience.

  2. I'll post a bit more on it later today, but basically the proteins in the whey never coagulated and formed a mat on the top. I attempted to do it without any additional skim milk, which I think was the root of my problem, as I've never even tried to make it before.


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